The “Centennial” Wurlitzer 2000

Made in 1956, the 100th anniversary of the Wurlitzer company, the model 2000 was their first jukebox to offer 200 selections. Produced in limited quantity, these machines were the pinnacle of the Wurlitzer 45 RPM players and the remaining examples are highly prized today.

With the almost exclusive (one other model had them) “Turning pages”, loads of chrome and vibrant lighting this machine really makes it's presence known! The styling is also unmistakeably 1950's. The valve amplifier and 5 speaker sound system provide more than enough volume for even the largest house.

This particular machine is one of my restorations from a few years ago. The owner is now downsizing and has asked me to sell it for him. It is currently in my workshop where it has had a thorough service and tidy up. It will be sold with a new warranty and a full set of records. It is fully complete, including all the coin gear (Even the half dollar unit, which is often missing!) and is operating on American coins. All the glass is glass, not plastic, and the grill screen is in perfect dent free condition.
I do many machines to order, just let me know what you want.     
See the "Coming Soon" section for machine in stock awaiting restoration
Jupiter H80

This machine was taken in part exchange. It is serviced and fully working. Interesting animated display on front glass, coloured lights "orbit" the central planet.  

  Wurlitzer 1100.

Another customer's machine that I restored a few years ago and is now on the market again. Lovely colourful 78 RPM machine with a fantastic sound. Again, I would do a full service and re-validate the warranty for the new buyer.


It's been another busy year! Most of my machines get sold before they are even finished. If you are looking for a particular model it's best to have it restored to order.