Fully equipped workshops - Amplifier rebuilds a speciality

I offer a workshop based service for all makes and models up to the end of vinyl. I do not normally deal with CD machines, but can sometimes be persuaded to look at the amplifiers. I can also provide on site servicing of machines I have supplied. Where I have not supplied the machine it is usually more economical to carry out servicing at my workshop.

As a qualified Electronic Engineer with many years design experience, I am able to offer a full rebuild and test service for all jukebox amplifiers - solid state or valve (tube). 

I can also offer full restoration services for your own machine.

Pricing depends on the extent of the work, contact me for details.

NOTE - I do not offer "on site" servicing for machines I have not restored. I'm not being awkward about this, it just rarely works out when I don't know what I'm going to find on site. I can however do any machine in the workshop.